Volunteer Meetup dot com Organizer Setup Information

*** Please note it may take up to 5-10 business days for the new meetup group to be approved


Thank you for deciding to setup a meetup door hanger campaign in your area to spread the saving word of GOD.


Below are the instructions to setup a meetup event in your area. meetup charges a $10 monthly fee which can be canceled at anytime.


Most organizers will choose to ask members for a $5 - $10+ donation to cover the cost of the monthly fee and the price of the door hangers.

That amount is solely up to the discretion volunteer organizer.


Step one go to meetup.com and click "start a meetup group"


(Click for Screen Shot)


2. Click next. Then search term "Christian"

Then select these groups or ones of your choice. Below is what we suggest.

(FYI meetup will send invitations to people interested in these topics)


It's a Meetup for people interested in Christian, Christian Social, Bible Study, Christian Ministry, Jesus Christ, Christian Singles, Christian Women, Christian Singles Marriage Minded, Christian Professionals, Christian Volunteers, Born Again Christian, Christian Business Owners


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3. Click Next


4. Then Agree


5. Pick a group name like "trumpet4christ(then put your town or city)

but try and keep trumpet4christ first so we can track how many groups we end up having.


Group Description


Help us easily spread the gospel through a simple door hanger delivery for an hour.
Join today.
Door hanger format can be found at http://www.trumpet4christ.org/support.html
Join like minded Christians interested in spreading the saving GOSPEL of Jesus Christ.

*Note we do not knock on doors we just hang the door hanger and let GOD do the rest.


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6. What are members called? "onetrumpet4christ"




7. Fill in your personal data and pay the nominal $10 fee


8. Once complete wait and meetup will find members for you.

You may also like to post the link on your social media platforms to get your friends and family to join in.


9. Once the members all decide on how long and how many door hangers they will do the organizer

collects the money and purchases the number of door hangers required at http://www.trumpet4christ.org/support.html




Any further questions or issues please please please

consult the meetup faq section at http://www.meetup.com/help/



Thank you and may the peace and grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with you.

Team Trumpet4Christ




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